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I am writing about one of my favourite scents. Incidentally, Black Opium wax melts are always in the top three most popular fragrances sold on Amazon.

In 2014, Black Opium was launched as a fragrance for women. The perfume has become popular among women since that time.

There are several reasons why Black Opium is a popular choice for many women. Its breathtaking scent and other captivating details continue to attract more people to its unique composition.

Black Opium gives a warm fragrance and balances its attractive scent with floral additions. Top options from Black Opium include patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, pink pepper, orange blossom, coffee and jasmine. These fragrances give out different scents that appeal to users of all ages.

Why Black Opium is a Popular Option in the UK

General appeal

Black Opium is popular among perfume lovers in the UK since it comes in different appealing fragrances. It remains among the top-grossing fragrances among UK users and is a favourite for many users. The perfume burst onto the scene in its first year, becoming one of the most purchased fragrances across the UK.

Black Opium appeals to many buyers and captivates users with its multi-layered scents. People of all ages love the fragrance of this perfume and continue to try out all available options.

Black Opium ranks among the top UK fragrances with its massive appeal to users. The award-winning fragrance also beat many established options from top designers based on its uniqueness and overall appeal.

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What does black opium smell like?



Black Opium continues to grow in popularity and can evoke diverse emotions from users. These fragrances trigger pleasant memories about events, locations, and experiences. The fragrance is versatile and can fit into any occasion. 

Strong brand

Black Opium is a product released by one of the world's oldest luxury brands – Yves Saint Laurent. The YSL brand continues to wow audiences after operating for more than 50 years in the fashion and luxury goods business.

Black Opium's association with the YSL brand makes it a popular product. The Black Opium X YSL linkup makes this fragrance a desired option for lovers of high-quality perfumes.

Why we love Black Opium
Black Opium has been in the market since the mid-2010s and continues to grow in popularity across customer demographics. Many Black Opium users are drawn to its scent and overall appeal from all available options.

Its popularity as a brand of perfume products also receives huge boosts with multiple celebrity endorsements. Many celebrities approving of Black Opium have made it a top option among fragrances since it hit store shelves many years ago.

Long-lasting scent

Black Opium offers a lasting scent mostly unavailable from many other fragrances. All variations of Black Opium will last for multiple hours on you with the same effect as when you newly put it on. Black Opium also gives out a balanced scent for so long to keep you refreshed wherever you are.

The fragrance isn't too harsh and can double as a suitable scent after many hours. You don't need to apply Black Opium multiple times for an intense effect; a regular spray should be enough to ease you through your day!


Black Opium has succeeded in the fragrance market, prompting its parent brand (YSL) to release unique versions. All special releases of Black Opium come with a special addition to add more dimensions to its unique composition.

YSL also releases select fringe versions of Black Opium to deliver more options of luxurious scents to loyal users. Some top variations of Black Opium include the Intense and Nuit Blanche versions, made to define new dimensions of this signature fragrance. The limited editions of special Black Opium give it a special status and add exclusivity to a top line of exciting fragrances.

Stiff competition

Several fragrance brands have tried to outclass Black Opium perfumes since its emergence. Stiff competition from these brands has not affected the success of Black Opium in any way.

Black Opium fragrances continue to rule the market by attracting many perfume lovers to its products. YSL's backing of Black Opium also does a lot to keep it relevant in the market and well ahead of all competitors.

Eco-friendly composition

Conversations about how the fragrance industry affects our environment have become popular recently. Some top fragrances usually contain synthetic materials in their composition and contribute to our environment's pollution.

That's why Black Opium produces all its fragrances in line with environmental regulations. All ingredients are eco-friendly, and its packaging is made entirely of recyclable goods. Customers who care about the environment choose Black Opium since it aligns with plans to save our planet.


Black Opium is a luxury brand but is quite affordable compared to other products. Users point to the easy access and budget-friendly price of Black Opium as significant reasons they choose this fragrance line.


Black Opium is the choice fragrance for several A-list celebrities. Established stars like Zoë Kravitz, Emily Ratajkowski, and Edie Campbell recommend Black Opium fragrances. The collection of fragrances from this brand makes it a preferred option for many lovers of luxury goods.


Popular competitors only add to the popularity of Black Opium. The collection of fragrances faces competition from luxury brands like Chanel and Dior. However, the uniqueness of Black Opium, its appeal to a broad section of perfume lovers, luxury packaging, and so much more makes it a top option.

Several competitors continue to increase their attempts to subdue Black Opium fragrances in the market. But the loyalty of customers, attention to detail, and multiple options keep Black Opium ahead of competitors in the UK market.

Conclusion of what does Black Opium smell like?

Black Opium gives a warm fragrance and balances its attractive scent with floral additions. Top options from Black Opium include patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, pink pepper, orange blossom, coffee and jasmine. These fragrances give out different scents that appeal to users of all ages.

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