Top 10 list of essential oil wax melts

Are you a big fan of wax melt scents? Here are some of the best wax melts made with essential oils:

What are ten popular essential oil wax melts? 

Lavender, Vanilla, Citrus, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Peony.

A list of 10 popular essential oil wax melts


Lavender is a favourite wax melt scent known for its soothing aroma. It is common in bathrooms and other relaxing places as its smell soothes the environment.

Not only this, but it also helps you sleep better and prevent restlessness. This is true because lavender wax melts also keep away bugs and insects since it is a natural insect repellent.


Are you looking for a rather cosy and warm scent for your home? Vanilla wax melts might be a good option. Vanilla wax melts are perfect for the home as they eliminate cooking odours and have a warm, cosy and inviting smell, making the ideal ambience for your home.

Because of its warm and cosy aroma, it is especially useful in winter and plays a big part in reducing stress and promoting a relaxing environment.


If you want a refreshing scent, citrus scents offer the perfect solution. They consist mainly of scents like oranges, lemon, grapefruit, etc., instantly boosting your mood and getting you up.

For this reason, they are instrumental in the morning or daytime when you are feeling the laziest. Unlike vanilla scents, they are usually summer scents because of their refreshing characteristics and ability to boost energy levels, focus and productivity.


As the name suggests, Cinnamon scents have a warm and cosy aroma and create an inviting atmosphere. For this reason, they are perfect for dining rooms, lounges, sitting areas, etc. Like Vanilla scents, they reduce cooking smells and create a festive environment with a spicy and cosy aroma.


Do you have sinus issues? Are you sensitive to certain scents? Remember, peppermint scents are perfect for soothing sinuses and headaches because of its cooling, refreshing and invigorating scent.

This makes them perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. Peppermint wax scents are also popular in offices because of their refreshing nature that helps focus and can increase productivity.


If you like refreshing scents, then Eucalyptus wax melts are a scent you might want to have. Eucalyptus wax melts have a unique and refreshing scent that makes them perfect for relaxation and calming. It is common to find Eucalyptus wax melts in bedrooms and showers.


Everyone loves a romantic environment, and the Rose scent is perfect. Characterised by a floral and sweet aroma, Rose wax melts promote a relaxed, stress-free and luxurious ambience in your home.

Because of its seductive scent, Rose wax melts are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms during a romantic evening.


Sandalwood creates a warm and cosy environment due to its woody scent. It can help create an inviting atmosphere due to its natural and earthy aroma that promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

This makes them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Sandalwood wax melts are also ideal for use during meditation.


Like Sandalwood, Patchouli is a rich and earthly scent promoting a healthy environment. This is because it reduces stress, anxiety and other negative physiological tensions and promotes relaxation.

This makes them perfect for use in bedrooms and living rooms since they can also help eliminate bad cooking smells.


You will also like Peony scents if you like Rose wax melt scents. They are characterised by floral and sweet romantic aromas that spice things up and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms for a romantic evening or event.

Need help deciding which scent to choose? Choosing from so many scents can be a challenge. You should consider factors such as time of the year, personal preferences, occasions, etc. For example, some smells, like Citrus, are most suitable for the summer seasons.

These factors should help you choose the perfect scent for your home.

We have spoken about essential oil wax melts here, which contain essential oils.

What are non-essential fragrance oils made from?

Candle fragrances have specific scents that don’t always occur naturally. They are made from synthetic and natural materials and chemicals that give them that smell.

While synthetic materials create generalised fragrances, raw materials create traditional scents. There are various factors which determine the composition of these scents. These depend on the specific scent desired and the manufacturers.

These scents can also contain harmful elements, so you should always check the ingredients list of the scents you purchase before using them in your homes.

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