List of the Top Eight genuine Black Opium products

Fragrance disclaimer. Our Black Opium Wax Melts only smell like the original. We do not use the genuine product and are not associated with the manufacturer.

Black Opium perfume is a highly addictive scent that has captured the hearts of perfume lovers worldwide. This fragrance was launched in 2014 by the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Because of this, it is now one of the most popular perfumes women love.

What does Black Opium smell like? 
The scent has top notes featuring pear accord and green mandarin. Heart notes of orange flower petals, jasmine sambac, and cinnamon essence. Base notes are vanilla quarter, coffee accord, patchouli heart, and ambrox.

Why we love it
This fragrance is consistently among our top favourites wherever they are available. With a distinctive scent, Black Opium is instantly recognised by anyone familiar with the scent.

The base scent doesn't identify it solely as a female perfume, making it popular in any setting.

Who created Black Opium?
The fragrance was created by perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, and Honorine Blanc. Combining sweet, spicy, and floral notes, form a warm, sensual aroma.

What does the Black Opium scent smell like?

The perfume is characterised by its pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear top notes. These notes are followed by a heart of coffee, jasmine, and bitter almond, giving the fragrance its unique character. The base notes of vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood provide a warm and sensual finish that lingers on the skin.

Here are some of the products that use the Black Opium scent: These are body lotions, shower gels, and even candles.

Our Designer Inspired Black Opium Wax Melts
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Do you want the real thing? See our list of Eight genuine Black Opium products below.

Eau de Parfum Spray
The original perfume is available in a spray bottle in sizes 30ml, 50ml, and 90ml. The fragrance is packaged in a sleek and stylish black and glittery bottle inspired by the fashion of Yves Saint Laurent.

Eau de Toilette Spray
The Eau de Toilette version is a lighter and fresher interpretation of the original fragrance. It has the same addictive character with a slightly different composition of notes. The top notes include pear and green mandarin, white flowers, and a base of vanilla, coffee, and patchouli.

Body Lotion
Luxurious and moisturising lotion infused with the scent. It has a creamy and smooth texture, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.
The Shower Gel is a rich and foaming gel which leaves the skin delicately scented and cleansed. It is a perfect way to start the day, as it awakens the senses and refreshes the skin.

Hair Mist
The Hair Mist is a unique product that allows you to apply the scent to your hair. A lightweight formula is suitable for all hair types. The mist leaves your hair smelling fresh and sweet, with vanilla, coffee, and patchouli notes.

Black Opium Candle
The luxurious candle fills your home with a warm and sensual aroma. Made from soy wax and comes in a black glass jar with the iconic Yves Saint Laurent logo. The candle burns for up to 40 hours, providing long-lasting fragrance and ambience.

Used in lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows. The Yves Saint Laurent Beauty range has incorporated the Black Opium fragrance into several of their makeup products, like these:

YSL Beauty Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick
The Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick is a high-coverage lipstick with a stunning shade of black. It has a creamy and smooth texture that glides on effortlessly, leaving your lips with a high-shine finish and a long-lasting fragrance.

YSL Beauty Couture Eyeshadow Palette 
The Couture Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition palette that features a range of warm and smoky shades inspired by the fragrance. Contains six shades, ranging from a soft cream to a deep black. All can be used to create a variety of different looks.

YSL Beauty La Laque Couture Nail Polish
A high-shine nail polish infused with an addictive scent. It is a deep, rich shade of black that provides a sophisticated and glamorous look to your nails.

The scent has become a cult favourite among perfume lovers, embraced by celebrities and fashion icons worldwide, worn by Dakota Johnson, Zoe Kravitz, and Cara Delevingne and featured in numerous fashion and beauty publications.

In addition to its popularity, it has received several awards and accolades in the perfume industry and was awarded by the Fragrance Foundation for Best New Female Fragrance in 2015 and consistently ranked as one of the top-selling fragrances worldwide.

What does black opium smell like?
The perfume is a highly addictive scent that has captured the hearts of perfume lovers worldwide. Its unique combination of sweet, spicy, and floral notes creates a warm, sensual, and mysterious aroma that is both alluring.

The scent has been incorporated into several other beauty products, including body lotions, shower gels, and even candles, allowing consumers to enjoy the fragrance in various ways.

The scent's allure lies in its ability to evoke a sense of mystery and seduction. The top notes of pink pepper and orange blossom give way to the heart of jasmine and coffee, while the base notes of vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood create a warm and sensual finish.

It is a scent that is perfect for evening wear or special occasions, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit.

One of the most popular ways to wear the fragrance is to layer it with other products with the same scent. YSL Beauty offers a range of body lotions, shower gels, and even candles infused with the addictive scent of Black Opium.

Layering the fragrance with these products not only enhances the longevity of the smell but also creates a more intense and enveloping aroma that lasts throughout the day.

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