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Don't Ration the Ratio!

We have blended fragrance oil with Soy Wax thousands of times and know that the percentage of fragrance oil to wax must be at least 8%, and we often use 10% in our popular perfume dupe wax melts.

This is very important for many reasons;

1. An unavoidable amount of fragrance is burned off when added to the wax in the manufacturing process.

2. More fragrance leaches from the wax during storage. The longer a wax melt is stored, the more fragrance leaches. We aim to sell all our wax melts within 30 days of manufacture.

3. When you melt the wax at home, the fragrance is obviously released into the room. Our wax melts can be cooled and re-melted many times until the fragrance dissipates. If there is a low ration of oil to wax, this period is also drastically released.

How long do wax melts last?

There are many factors that can affect how long the scent lasts on your wax melts. There are some obvious ones like, how much wax you melt at a time, the size of your room, personal preference, etc.

We recommend you start with a small chunk of wax no larger than a block of chocolate. Experience tells us it is better to under fragrance a room than to overpower it.

What Are Wax Melts?

Candles have been around for thousands of years but weren't used until recently to fragrance a room. They can be used with an electric burner in place of a tealight.

Wax melts are a more popular method for fragrancing a room because they are smaller than candles and let you change fragrances quicker and easier. No one wants a draw full of candles.

We started pouring the wax firstly into metal pastry trays, and later into silicone moulds. These are the small wax tartlets that are seen in sample and gift packs. They also make great selection packs around Christmas and Halloween. Most of our wax melts are now poured directly into recycled plastic clam shells. This method protects the wax melts after pouring and retains the fragrance for longer.
Think of wax melts like candles that don’t have a wick. If you’ve always wanted to burn candles but have an aversion to open flames, look no further than wax melts.
Typically, wax melts come in cubes that snap off a clamshell mould that resembles a chocolate bar. We know they look delicious, but don’t eat them! We also sell other shapes more suited for gifting.

How Do I Use Wax Melts?
Wondering how to use wax melts? All you need to do is light a tea light or plug in the wax melt burner. Add your cubes and enjoy the fragrance. After you’re done, make sure to blow out the tea light or unplug your wax melt burner. After it cools off, the wax will return to a solid and can be reused again until the fragrance cast isn't strong enough for your taste.

Why Soy Wax?
Why not? Soy is safer than the more popular paraffin wax used in many high street candles and wax melts. We use soy wax to give you the best all-natural quality fragrance experience that we can. All our products are made with 100% soy wax. There are many options when choosing candle wax, and we wanted to ensure we went with a safe and quality product. We use soy because it’s non-toxic for both you, your children, and your pets. Soy is a natural, and renewable wax which is cruelty-free, and biodegradable.

Where Does Soy Wax Come From?
Soy wax is a product that comes from soybeans and is a sustainable crop. It’s a renewable resource that provides food for humans and animals along with other goods.

How is Soy Wax Made?

After soybeans are harvested, they must be prepped before they begin their journey into soy wax. The beans must be cracked, de-hulled, and then rolled into flakes. The flakes are also used as animal feed. The multiple uses for soy make it a sustainable product we can feel good about using in our candles and was melts.
Soybean oil is turned into wax during a process called hydrogenation. This is when fatty acids are converted from unsaturated to saturated fat. This raises the melting point of the oil, which turns it from a liquid to a solid at room temperature. That’s how you get soy wax. The process is, of course, much more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

100% Natural Soy Wax

We never use paraffin in our wax melts and have always preferred to use Home Friendly Soy wax instead. Paraffin has in the past been used to heat homes and greenhouses, but we have long since moved away from it for health reasons.

Paraffin is a lot cheaper than Soy, but we prefer to fragrance your home using Soy wax rather than paraffin that contains the carcinogens toluene and benzene.

We hope you'll agree the health benefits outweigh the extra cost.

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